Hey, Doll, Let’s Market You!

Lancome recently released a new mascara called “Doll Lashes”, which they market as, “The 1st doll lash mascara”. Hmmmm. This particular campaign is stumping me.

Dolls are only representatives of humans. Children play with them, and project their feelings onto these inanimate objects, practicing their social graces (tea parties), learning to relate to new siblings or friends, and working out various dilemmas. Dolls are also used in religious or spiritual traditions.

However, dolls are inanimate. They are always wide-eyed, don’t talk, laugh, complain, contribute, or provide real company because they are mute! Dolls eyes always pop open because they don’t need sleep! Why would Lancome find this an ideal to emulate? Lancome is marketing this item to real women, and despite the generally positive reviews online, I think they missed the mark.



About Sharon Becker, NYC makeup artist

NYC makeup expert who loves bridal, red lips, fresh beauty, the Yankees, and yoga.
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