Indian Wedding by SB Beauty!

This Memorial Day weekend, it was my distinct pleasure to work with a wonderful bride and her mom on a gorgeous and meaningful wedding.

Raina from indigofoto introduced me to Raina in November, when I did her makeup and hair for her engagement shoot in Central Park with Henry. If you check out my website, you will see that she looks like a movie star. She was all sweetness – we had some bubbly and cheese, Raina and Jaime came over to pick up the couple, and we all enjoyed our afternoon in the park.

For her pictures and two ceremonies, we started makeup and hair at 5:30 AM in the hotel, then transferred to the prep room at the Crystal Plaza, where I made up her mom and a bridesmaid. Harveen had two photo shoots, two ceremonies, two dresses, and never once broke a sweat.

Let me tell you about this young woman: two degrees from Penn (one an MD), Marshall Scholar, future surgeon, nice to her mother, endlessly patient, looks like a movie star, and completed PX90 before the wedding so she could look amazing in her dresses. Oh, and she had graduated medical school only weeks before the event. Plus, she told me several times, “Sharon, I’m so glad you’re here” – seriously, I was thrilled to be there, too!

I witnessed the traditional application of the Indian jewelry by her parents (much of it from her mother’s home town and own wedding), Henry riding in on his white horse with his family and friends dancing around him, the eating of the sweets (many fun moments there), and lots of enjoyment. It was my privilege to apply the traditional veil; for those of you who know me, I love anything bright, traditional, and sequined!

The most beautiful part of the entire day was watching the two families blend into one, sharing hugs, sweets, dancing, and traditions. Oh, and Henry has handsome brothers, so that wasn’t terrible, either.

Here are a few select pictures – enjoy! Love to Harveen and Henry, and best wishes for a bright future.

Photography: indigofoto

Event Planner/Flowers: Rose Events

Venue: Crystal Plaza, Livingston, NJ

Makeup/hair: sb beauty


About Sharon Becker, NYC makeup artist

NYC makeup expert who loves bridal, red lips, fresh beauty, the Yankees, and yoga.
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