Brooklyn Bridal Shower – Party Shoot

This May provided many opportunities, and one awesome fateful day brought an engagement party photo shoot with very talented people. I planted these seeds in February, and they blossomed in May – cool, right?

Fabulous NYC photographers Jacqueline Schlossman and Lindsay Hite partnered with event designer/stylist Molly Hartman to create a vintage-inspired bridal shower that would feature everyone’s talents. These pictures will be featured on a famous bridal blog very soon, so set your Google Alerts! Makeup and hair by SB Beauty, of course. Many thanks to Jackie, Lindsay, Molly, and our lovely models for the great pictures and fun day. Enjoy!

The hot-pink lipstick on Anna, holding the bunny, is Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense in #36, and Kelly, above is sporting MAC New York Apple.


About Sharon Becker, NYC makeup artist

NYC makeup expert who loves bridal, red lips, fresh beauty, the Yankees, and yoga.
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