Great Things Come in Bright Packages

My little fingers have been busy with tons of makeup gigs (waiting on pics from XEX Mag, 2 maternity shoots, Tuesday’s pinup shoot, last Saturday’s shoot with Teri Fiske of Ciao Bella Boudoir, yesterday’s shoot with Gregory Hudson – whew!) and also with online shopping to bolster my makeup capabilities!

Who doesn’t love a box of crayons? Well, I got mine in the form of 88 eyeshadow colors from Coastal Scents! I used it on a bride who wanted to pick up the blue of her shoes into her eye color, and yesterday I splashed two shades of pink on a model at a shoot. I’ll be loving this compact for a while.

Want to test it out? Make an appointment with SB Beauty!



About Sharon Becker, NYC makeup artist

NYC makeup expert who loves bridal, red lips, fresh beauty, the Yankees, and yoga.
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4 Responses to Great Things Come in Bright Packages

  1. Stacey says:

    Yeah! I love to color! Does it have to be inside the lines? Come over and do some art on my eyes…please!

  2. I love to color outside the lines – we can make your whole face pink (or green, and blue…:)

  3. Lauren Ginsberg says:

    What could be more perfect than a splash or dash (if you are Stacey) of color to make-up for such a long winter….I would like some color too please!

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