Bridal Blooms – Spring is Coming!

Hello, beauties, and welcome to my first blog post! Friends, clients, relatives, neighbors, and the clerk at Duane Reade all know that I love to talk about makeup and beauty. In addition to posting on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, blogging allows me to jump with both feet into the digital pool of information, spreading clarity along with my love of all things beautiful.

Ya know who’s beautiful? The bride who called me last night, interested in working with me for her late May wedding! She and her wife are hosting a backyard “cocktail party with a hint of wedding” to celebrate the union they made in Connecticut (yeah, Connecticut! Um, New York, where are you on this issue?)

I love this woman already. When I asked about her dress, she described all of the ruching, boning, seams, fabric, and exact shade of white of her cocktail dress. She’s so fun! Instead of carrying flowers for color or changing from her ceremony dress into a cocktail dress, she is changing her shoes – all different varieties of electric blue (I wonder if she’s a size 6.5!)

All of this description provides you, dear friend, with a glimpse into how I begin a bridal makeup relationship – asking questions, digging up details from major to minute, and discovering my clients’ taste and range of beauty experience. Here’s what we decided:

  • We will do her trial during the daytime, so she can experience her makeup in the lighting that will flood her backyard, and she can wear her test makeup all day and night
  • Her wife will join the trial to get comfortable with her own natural makeup look (she’ll have sheer foundation, some contouring, light eyes, and lip balm), offer support, have fun, and drink Champagne!
  • All makeup will last for 24 hours (should the bride not have the chance to wash her face)
  • Because of a minor skin condition on her cheeks, we may try airbrush makeup to minimize flaking
  • Both she and I want to tie in the color of her shoes with a pop of electric blue on her eyes (just ordered a fab 88-color shadow palette from Coastal Secrets)
  • Since this is not a traditional ceremony and reception, we can play a bit, have fun with long-wearing color, and create a fun, modern-elegant, pretty spring look that will stand up to dancing, look great in photographs, and will look classic throughout the duration of their long and happy marriage. I love my job!

I cannot wait for her trial on February 19.


About Sharon Becker, NYC makeup artist

NYC makeup expert who loves bridal, red lips, fresh beauty, the Yankees, and yoga.
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One Response to Bridal Blooms – Spring is Coming!

  1. jeanie says:

    congratulations sharon on the new client and the beautifully written blog!

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