Easy Face Fixes!

Whew – it was late summer, and I took a mental holiday! August and September have been so busy with weddings (5 last weekend, 4 this past weekend), as well as commercial photography and video. SB Beauty also took a serious staycation/mental holiday; my bike was my pal, and I zipped around to visit friends, see the sites, and just relaaaax. I had a beauty rest!

Now we are back in school, home from vacation, and returning to our routines. With this busy schedule, I’m meeting lots of great folks who need to tweak their skin care or makeup habits. Here’s what’s on my mind:

– What’s with this addiction to Clarisonic? This weekend I met 3 women in the same bridal party who have scrubbed their faces raw. Please, be gentle! Monitor your diet including any food allergies, which may cause breakouts or hives), cleanse, tone, moisturize, sleep, and clean your face after the gym. If you must scrub, please limit it to a specific trouble spot. When you overscrub your face, you risk skin flakes and an overproduction of sebum that just wants to compensate for lost oils. Ouch!
– Nighttime is when your body is at rest, including your skin (the largest organ on your body). Use moisturizer at night to allow your skin to soak in the goodness and repair itself.
– Please remove all of your makeup at night so you can wake up clean and fresh. The effort you put in will be rewarded with great skin.
– One more: when you are getting your makeup done in the morning, before a wedding or a photoshoot, please arrive with a very clean face (ie no eyeliner, mascara, concealer, anything). This cuts down on clean-up time for the artist, so she/he can spend more time doing fun things to help you look and feel BEAUTIFUL!


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Hey, Doll, Let’s Market You!

Lancome recently released a new mascara called “Doll Lashes”, which they market as, “The 1st doll lash mascara”. Hmmmm. This particular campaign is stumping me.

Dolls are only representatives of humans. Children play with them, and project their feelings onto these inanimate objects, practicing their social graces (tea parties), learning to relate to new siblings or friends, and working out various dilemmas. Dolls are also used in religious or spiritual traditions.

However, dolls are inanimate. They are always wide-eyed, don’t talk, laugh, complain, contribute, or provide real company because they are mute! Dolls eyes always pop open because they don’t need sleep! Why would Lancome find this an ideal to emulate? Lancome is marketing this item to real women, and despite the generally positive reviews online, I think they missed the mark.


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Indian Wedding by SB Beauty!

This Memorial Day weekend, it was my distinct pleasure to work with a wonderful bride and her mom on a gorgeous and meaningful wedding.

Raina from indigofoto introduced me to Raina in November, when I did her makeup and hair for her engagement shoot in Central Park with Henry. If you check out my website, you will see that she looks like a movie star. She was all sweetness – we had some bubbly and cheese, Raina and Jaime came over to pick up the couple, and we all enjoyed our afternoon in the park.

For her pictures and two ceremonies, we started makeup and hair at 5:30 AM in the hotel, then transferred to the prep room at the Crystal Plaza, where I made up her mom and a bridesmaid. Harveen had two photo shoots, two ceremonies, two dresses, and never once broke a sweat.

Let me tell you about this young woman: two degrees from Penn (one an MD), Marshall Scholar, future surgeon, nice to her mother, endlessly patient, looks like a movie star, and completed PX90 before the wedding so she could look amazing in her dresses. Oh, and she had graduated medical school only weeks before the event. Plus, she told me several times, “Sharon, I’m so glad you’re here” – seriously, I was thrilled to be there, too!

I witnessed the traditional application of the Indian jewelry by her parents (much of it from her mother’s home town and own wedding), Henry riding in on his white horse with his family and friends dancing around him, the eating of the sweets (many fun moments there), and lots of enjoyment. It was my privilege to apply the traditional veil; for those of you who know me, I love anything bright, traditional, and sequined!

The most beautiful part of the entire day was watching the two families blend into one, sharing hugs, sweets, dancing, and traditions. Oh, and Henry has handsome brothers, so that wasn’t terrible, either.

Here are a few select pictures – enjoy! Love to Harveen and Henry, and best wishes for a bright future.

Photography: indigofoto

Event Planner/Flowers: Rose Events

Venue: Crystal Plaza, Livingston, NJ

Makeup/hair: sb beauty

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Best Lightweight SPF Moisturizer – Value!

Right about now the SPF moisturizer you bought for summer should be on its last drops. My recommendation for replenishment is Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Ant-Sun-Damage daily moisture lotion. It’s loaded with SPF 28 UVA/UVA sunscreen.

I love the light feel, which has an almost gel-like smoothness. This lotion is light enough for everyone’s face in this incredible heatwave, and it’s very compatible with makeup (if you can manage to wear anything in this oven-like city except power lipstick).

You can try it; it’s $8-13, depending on where you shop, so you won’t feel bad if it’s not for you. However, I love it, and predict you will, too.

Stay cool!

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Brooklyn Wedding in June!

People always ask me what my favorite type of client is, and I answer: nice ones.

Luckily, all of my clients are nice, and Brittney and her family are especially sweet. We met at Tammy Golson‘s Wedding Crasher’s After Party at the Green Building in Brooklyn – yes, at the wine bar outside. After a makeup trial and lots of delicious bubbly and wine, we secured a look that suited her taste and looked forward to the big day.

It was my privilege to do makeup on her mom, her sister, and the bride, and I enjoyed the company of the family, especially her little niece. Brittney handled all of the details, arrangements, and situations with a grace far beyond her years, and she looks HOT! She and her husband Tony have tons of style; more importantly, they also share a deep love and commitment to each other. It was a pleasure!

(Brittney’s lip color is MAC Russian Red gloss, a sheer coat, with tons of clear gloss on top).

Photography: Bethany and Dan Cox

Event planner: Christine Paul Events

Flowers: Rose, Red, and Lavender

Makeup: SB Beauty

Brass band: Stumblebums Brass Band

Venue: Office Ops

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Brooklyn Bridal Shower – Party Shoot

This May provided many opportunities, and one awesome fateful day brought an engagement party photo shoot with very talented people. I planted these seeds in February, and they blossomed in May – cool, right?

Fabulous NYC photographers Jacqueline Schlossman and Lindsay Hite partnered with event designer/stylist Molly Hartman to create a vintage-inspired bridal shower that would feature everyone’s talents. These pictures will be featured on a famous bridal blog very soon, so set your Google Alerts! Makeup and hair by SB Beauty, of course. Many thanks to Jackie, Lindsay, Molly, and our lovely models for the great pictures and fun day. Enjoy!

The hot-pink lipstick on Anna, holding the bunny, is Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense in #36, and Kelly, above is sporting MAC New York Apple.

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Martha Stewart, Darcy Miller, Cara Sullivan at the Wedding Library

This is big time! Amy DeGiulio, owner of Sugar Flower Cake Shop, and I visited Rouge Tomate on Monday to celebrate the new office/showroom of the Wedding Library. What a fun party, and how great was it to meet some terrific new vendors!

Top on my  list of thrills was seeing Martha Stewart herself (taller than I imagined, but that’s all I notice because I don’t like staring at celebrities), and chatting with Darcy Miller and Cara Sullivan of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. They are both very nice, and Cara loves doing makeup, too!

Other great vendors I met included: Debi Zeinert, calligrapher, The Blooming Quill; Matthew Hadley, Event Services Director at Rouge Tomate; Kathrine Hauschild, Bridal Expert at the Williams Sonoma flagship store at Columbus Circle; Dasha Wright and Robert Jacobs, photographers from Hope Spring; Alyssa Tierney Angelbeck of Monograms off Madison; LA photographer Samuel Lipke; Meredith Kurosko and her crew from Regas Letterpress; and Brittani Gurai of Espace

Now, see the awesome henna tattoo on my left arm? Sandy from Henna Studio did it freehand, with a squeeze tube of product. Sandy is amazing, and is available for all weddings, special events, bridal showers, etc.

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Headshots, Portraits with NYC Photographer Ryan Trupp and SB Beauty

Alexandra O'DalyMichael MunozHoji Fortuna

We all know actors (or we have been actors). Actors and performers need headshots. Ryan Trupp is a terrific NYC photographer with two degrees and years of experience in theatrical lighting – so he can light anyone, anywhere. I have a BFA in Drama and years of experience getting headshots and doing makeup. We are pleased to team up to offer the community quality, affordable headshots.We are currently offering summer sessions for $300 through Labor Day (makeup/grooming additional).

This package includes 2 retouched images, an online gallery, and all the low res images from the shoot on a CD with rights usage. Additional examples from our last session can be found on Ryan’s portrait site here: http://www.ryantrupp-photography.com/RT_Portrait/index2.php#/rgallery2/1/. Our next round of sessions is currently scheduled for Friday, July 8th. If you help us book 3 actors, you get 50% of your own headshots!

Who needs headshots/portraits? Actors, comedians, performers, dancers, conductors, musicians, real estate agents, designers, chefs, event planners, anyone with an “about me” page on their website…

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Cathy Riva, Sauza Tequila, July 4th, and Whoopie Pies!

Hey, y’all, it’s almost time for one of our favorite holidays, July 4th! I have no idea what kind of fun plans I’ll cook up this year, but previous favorites include 2lb. lobster with my family (and Cathy Riva), and the good old days in Quiogue with lobster (and Cathy Riva). Sounds like a pattern, right?

Please meet Cathy Riva, entertainment and lifestyle expert, mom to Riley, television personality (Party Girl on Discovery Home), and a great friend of mine. Yesterday we celebrated July 4 early with her satellite media tour.

Cathy created a table of delectable and easy to prepare treats that everyone will love, featuring Red, White, and Sauza Blue margaritas!

Cathy’s first of 25 interviews began at 6:45a, so her makeup needed to last under hot lights and excitement until her last engagement at noon. We started with Smashbox oil-free Photo Finish primer, finished with Urban Decay All Nighter spray, and glossed with my favorite longwearing gloss, Smashbox Limitless gloss in Boundless. I touched up with Makeup Forever HD powder and Sonya Kashuk blotting papers (a Target purchase). 

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Oh, MAC 109 Brush, How Do I Love Thee?

Have you ever purchased something that you love, that makes you excited to get to work/dress up/cook dinner? Whether it’s your hot new Frye boots, or truffle oil that you use for dinner, you know the excitement you get from just a little item that makes a big impact.

This encompasses how I feel about my new MAC 109 brush. Oh, lordy, does this brush make me happy! The soft (goat, I think) hair is so compact, great for applying and buffing dense colors. However, you can also gently wipe off the brush between uses and let it multitask for HD powder, bronzer, highlighter…let it make YOU happy.

Bright colors are a big summer trend, and without a good brush, you risk a messy application that sticks to your foundation or dry skin. Hairs this soft, in this tight mound, allow you to GENTLY buff in a bright color.

Bronzer was never my favorite product, but at the DiGennaro sisters’ and Cathy Riva’s insistence, I have incorporated it into my warm weather applications. With this delightful new tool, all of my brides are getting their hairlines, clavicles, shoulders, and cheeks bronzed and golden for their shining moment. Yes, I’m wearing bronzer right now!

Do I use 109 for Makeup Forever HD powder? Yes! Do I use 109 for cream blush? Yes! Am I stroking my chin with 109 right now? Yes!

My new favorite tool

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